Daughters of Mormonism/Rapture Fail

I intend for feminism to be a frequent and recurring topic in this blog and have several blogs planned to address feminism/women’s issues in Mormonism and more generally. In the meantime, feast your ears on Daughters of Mormonism. I have had these podcasts waiting to be listened to for a few weeks and after listening to a couple this morning am very impressed with how well done this new podcast is. Give them a listen!

Next, as an addendum to my last blog, I guess it is apparent that I didn’t get raptured. I’m not disappointed. I still have a lot to do, for example, wait to hear how Harold Camping explains the Rapture Fail.

Addendum: Within five seconds of posting this, the power cord to my laptop literally exploded in a flash of blue and caught fire. Nice try Satan, but you were foiled again (this time by my battery!).

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