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I’m a Mormon/Ex-Mormon.

This clip from Stephen Colbert’s show re: Mormons, Mitt Romney and the PR campaign by the LDS church entitled “I’m a Mormon” is too funny not to share.  Sorry to link rather than embed it but I don’t seem to be … Continue reading

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I’m bad, you’re bad, we’re all bad.

Allow me to share with you the gōd-spell.  That is Old English (no, no, not that kind) for good news.  The Gospel.  Whether the word refers to the first four books of the New Testament or the message they contain, in general … Continue reading

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We’re a Mormon Band.

Recently on a private Facebook group I contribute to I asked the question “If you were starting a band and wanting to give it a name that paid some homage to Mormonism or referenced it, what would you call it?”  I had … Continue reading

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