We’re a Mormon Band.

Recently on a private Facebook group I contribute to I asked the question “If you were starting a band and wanting to give it a name that paid some homage to Mormonism or referenced it, what would you call it?”  I had no idea it would get over 300 responses. Fair warning that many are irreverent, but trust me that this was done lightheartedly.  Enjoy.

2nd Counselor And The Bishoprics
4 Non Mormons
Adams Comission
Algers Fanny
Ammon and the Amputees
Ammon's Arms
Ancient of Days
At the Veil
Beehives and Deacons
Black Nametags
Blazer A's and Targeteers
Bloody Rockwell
Blues the Right
Bon MOvi
Boyd's Little Factory
Brigham's Banshees
Brigham's Kids
Broken Bow
Brother Brigham and the honeybees
Brother of Jared
Brother of Mahonri
By the Hand of Spalding
Cage the American Elephant
Calling and Election
Canadian PostMo Blenders
Chased By Elephants
Cheese and Rice
Cheribum and Flaming Axe
Choose The Wrong
Counting Corihors
Court of Love
Crickets and Seagulls
Curelom and cumom
Dallin and the Oaks
Dancing with Myzelph
Daughters of Perdition
Dead Can Be Baptized
Degrees of Glory
Depeche MO
Diamond Spectacles
Dieter and the UV Rays
Dishonorable Release
Do the three nephites ride bicycles
Dropkick Mormons
Dwindle in Unbelief
Elder Cool J
Eliza R. Snowball
Enoch And The Celestials
Even Jesus Christ
Fishers of everyone
Flaming Sword
Frankie Goes To Zion
Funeral Potatoes
Gadi Anton Roberts
Gadianton Rockers
Gadianton's Robbers
Gazelem's Stones
General Authority
Gid And The Giddonis
Golden Js
Green Jello and the Funeral Potatoes
Guns n Moses
Handcart Homies
Heavy Petting
High on Kolob
Horn In The East
I am Adam
I am Legion
I'll Build You A Rainbow
In My Lovely Deseret
Iron Rod
J. Golden and The Cussing Apostles
Jackson County
Jane’s Perdition
Jello With Carrots
Jenni Alogy and the Ancestral Files
Joe Jr And The JSTs
Joe Smith and the Stoney Peepers
Joseph Smith and the Technicolor Dreamcoats
Julie Beck & the Moms Who Know
Kid tested Prophet approved
King Follet and the Discourses
Laban's Sword
Lachoneus Black Mambazo
Latter-day Aints
Led Zarahemla
Leon's Truck
Let Us Go Down/Lettuce Go Down
Lettuce All Press On
Linger Longer
Lions of the Lord
Lose the Rite
Lost in the Empty Sea
Magic Happens
Magic Underwear
Mahonri Moriancumr and the 16 Stones
Man of God Son of Thunder
Martin Harris and the 116 Pages
Master Mahan And The Great Secrets
Max and the Cultural Halls
Menace to Society
Mild Barley Drinkers
Mingled with Scripture
Mini Van And The Trampolines
Ministering Angels
MLM Attack
MO Two-Oh Tab
Monsons Widows
Mormon Temple Pilots
Name Extraction
Nephi and the Boneheads
Nephi's steel bow band
New World Jesus
Now Lettuce Rejoice
Oingo Boing-Go On a Mission
On Zion's mount behold it stand
One and Only True and Living
Orchestral Maneuvers of Outer Darkness
Ox in the mire
Oxen Mire
Pearl of Great Price Jam
Peter priesthood cottontales
Peter, James, and John
Polygamy Underground
Popcorn Popping
Prayers for Moisture
Predestined for greatness
Preesheeya Chu
Priestie Boys
Prince And The Modern Revelations
Purple Pansies
Pyramid Schemers
Queens and Priestesses
Quorum of the rock
Quorum of the Twelve Apostates
Return and report
Rough Stones Rolling
Sacramental Water
Sanctify Me
scrying for zion
Secret Combinations
Secret Handshakes
Shadow of a Doubt
Shiz's Headless Push-up
Siouzsie and The Band of Gadianton Robbers
Sitting on Laurels
Snow ciphers
Sons of Perdition
Sons of the Morning
Soulful Relationships Committee
Soundgarden of Eden
St. George and the Celestial Smiles
State Street
Stormin' Moor Men
Strengthening the Members
Swearing Elders
Sweet Spirits
Telestial Noise
Ten Cow Woman
Ten From The North
Testimony Barers
The 12 and the Seventy
The 32 Wives
The 5000 Striping Warriors.
The Anti-Banks
The Anti-Nephi-Lehis
The Bedlamites
The Bitchen Stichens (RS Band)
The Blazer Bs
The Bloggernacle Pipes
The BOM squad
The Burning Bosoms
The Carrot Shavings
The Chosen People
The Correlates
The Correlation Committee
The Covered Shoulders
The Curious Workmanships
The Danites
The Dehlinites
The Deserets
The Door to Door Deacons
The Fellowshippers
The Fourth Nephite
The Full Immersion
The Gid Gid Dolls
The Goal Setters
The Golden Oxen
The Goodly Parents
The Great and Spacious Building
The Helaman League
The Hot Drinks
The Jaredites
The Land of Bountiful
The Liahona Zombies
The Little Factories
The Lost Sheep
The Manifesto
The Merry Miss
The Missionary Position
The Narrow Neck
The New Names
The Oath and Covenants
The Other Sheep
The Pi'neers
The Polly Ann Drey Band
The Prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Reformed Egyptians
The Rest Hims
The September Six
The Sons of Mosiah
The Sons of Perdition
The sounds of great rushing waters
The Stake House Brawlers
The Sunbeams
The Sweet Spirits
The Temple Tie Pins
The Tender Mercies
The Thirteenth Wife
The Three Nephites
The Tupperware Cheerios
The Underground Temple Arches
The What is Wanteds
The White Shirts
The Whittling Deacons
The Worthier Spoons
The ZLs
The Zone Leaders
These Things Doth the Lord Hate
They Might Be Gods
Third Witness
Three Degrees
Three earrings and strapless
Thummim's Urine
Together Forever
Top of the Temple
Traitors and Tyrants
Trans-Siberian Area Presidency
Translated Correctlies
Tubal Cain And The Murderers
Two-Pants Suit
U2 by 2
Ugly Mahana
Unabridged translation
Unbridled Passion
Unrighteous Dominion
Unveiled Asherah
Water Tray
We Don't Stinketh
White & Delightsome
White Blood
Wicked This Way Comes
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