I’m a Mormon/Ex-Mormon.

This clip from Stephen Colbert’s show re: Mormons, Mitt Romney and the PR campaign by the LDS church entitled “I’m a Mormon” is too funny not to share.  Sorry to link rather than embed it but I don’t seem to be able to embed.

For anyone interested, here are the links to the I’m a Mormon  videos as well as the I’m an Ex-Mormon videos.  The former have excellent production value.  The latter are…not made by an organization with millions to throw at an ad campaign.

Which reminds me of the Mormonads which I used have tons of in my bedroom as a teen.  And an example which I still love:

But there are some pretty funny Mormonad spoofs out there too:

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One Response to I’m a Mormon/Ex-Mormon.

  1. Debbie says:

    Who cares about production values? The ‘I am an ex-Mormon’ videos are great.

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