Will Hopoate is going on a mission.

Will Hopoate is going on a mission.

This rugby prodigy who is already a professional athlete is preparing to leave seven figures on the table to go serve a mission. That is a greater sacrifice than most make.

This kid is putting his money where his mouth is so there is no way not to respect that. Still, is there anything doctrinal or scriptural that makes the opportunity to do missionary work for two years as a young man unique? Better than another time of life? The window any athlete has is small and can close in a hurry. Missionary work, while very important to a faithful member, can be done throughout one’s life can’t it?

Is a two-year mission at a young age deserving of being sacralized or should that just be reserved for the work in general? My mind respects this decision but in my gut I want to tell him he is making a mistake.

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2 Responses to Will Hopoate is going on a mission.

  1. casual observer says:

    Forget your gut instinct and stick with the respect you have for him! If you don’t think its right that’s fine, but you’ve turned into exactly what you profess to not like in judging others! He’s doing what he feels is his best way to glorify and please his god. I wish there were more like him.

  2. Be fair casual observer. I think it is plain from my comments that I respect his decision. But let me ask you, what do you think of Jimmer Fredette’s decision not to serve a mission? Or would you say each person is different?

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